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Choose from the appointment options below, and click on the link at the bottom of the page to schedule your first appointment.

Homeopathic Consultation - First Appointment - Adult

The first appointment for an adult will take up to two hours.  During this time, we will talk about your main complaint, your health history and about your mental and emotional wellbeing. At the end of the appointment, I may decide on a remedy right away, or I might take some time to study your case and get back to you. Homeopathy is so effective because your remedy is chosen based on who you are as a unique individual.

Homeopathic Follow-up Consultation (Adult or Child)

This appointment will take 1/2 hour and in this time, we will review everything that has been changing since the first appointment.  Depending on your state of health, your follow-up appointment may be anywhere from one to four weeks after the first appointment.  The amount of time required for a follow-up is the same for adults and children.

Homeopathic Consultation - First Appointment - Child

This appointment will cover all the same things that would be covered for an adult, but the duration of the appointment is only an hour.  This appointment would be scheduled for anyone up to the age of 16, and includes newborns and infants. 

Homeopathic Consultation - Animal

This appointment will take 45 minutes and will require that you as the pet owner, has a good understanding of many aspects of your pet's health and personality.  Since your pet can't talk, you have to do the talking for them!


Click below to schedule.

In the link below, you will be taken to my booking calendar, where you will see the options for different time slots as mentioned above.  If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to send me an email.  

All appointments are virtual and will be done on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Signal.

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